Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What's in a name?

Originally posted on February 20th, 2007 by Hapy on the Stargate Worlds Dev Blog

Ok, I have been getting flak for this for several years now, so it’s time to set the record straight.

The name is “Hapy”. Pronounced happy.

Why only the 1 “P”? Well, to make a long story just as long, here’s the gist:

Back in the early days of my internet useage, I connected to the internet via AOL (we’re talking 1993 here people!) on my Mothers account. My chosen screen name at the time was a name I had used for a character in a pencil and paper RPG called Underground. The setting of the game was basically Cyberpunk meets Insane Super-Heroes with guns (big guns). My character was originally based loosely off of the Marvel character Madcap. My character had the ability to affect other peoples emotions. Well, to be honest, just one emotion really. Heck, it may not even be an emotion. Basically my character could make people laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Did I mention these characters were Insane Super-Heroes? Yah, so he could make you laugh, and not be able to stop. Eventually you would asphyxiate and die from, literally, laughing to hard (you might break a rib or two on the way out also). My characters name? Mr. Happy Kill.

So, there I was on AOL with my cool little screen name on my Mom’s account (and no, we didn’t have a basement). Mr.HappyKill. Then I moved out (/gasp) and started using AOL on my roomates account. Problem with AOL is (or at least was; I haven’t used it in years) that I couldn’t transfer my screen name from my Mom’s account to my roomates. So, I had to make a new screen name because Mr.HappyKill was already taken by another user (me!). So, it became Mr.HappyKil. Then I moved out and got my own account, and guess what? Yah, same problem. So I became Mr.HapyKil.

I began playing Counter-Strike and used the name I had been using for so long: Mr.HapyKil, which eventually turned into MrHapykil (I even ran a server for a while known as HapyLand). After many hours of CS, then BF1942, Desert Combat, America’s Army, BF2, etc… I shortened it to just Hapy.

And I have been hapy with it ever since.

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